Sunday, May 20, 2007


in '82, Bruce Hellington and i hitchhiked to the midwest. he stopped in Indianapolis and i continued on to Des Moines. i brought a bunch of stencils for peppering all my old haunts with rude graffiti. afterwards KC caught the bug and continued with a classic stencil of JFK's face with the caption NATION OF HYPE (a response to all the hype over the twentieth anniversary of the assassination.) but the one that caught on was DEAD MOINES, a photo of which was printed in the Des Moines Register. it was sprayed onto a plate-glass window, prompting the resourceful photographer to place something in the background, out of focus, to give the pic a creepy effect.


William said...

exactly what kind of jobs was that 'job service' offering i'd like to know!

bluesman2001 said...

So Otto did you originate that term, or was it around before that. I can remember using Dead Moines around that time, but I think it probably was in use even earlier.

Tom Gary