Saturday, August 11, 2007


We know many of you are curious about the inner workings of the OTTO MANNIX New York Headquarters. So in the interest of full disclosure we present this digital photograph of our electronic computer, from which all this important information is disseminated. Clearly, we've consolidated all the hardware into one small room, a truly 'state-of-the-art' operation. NEXT MONTH: a full-color photograph of our Situation Room!


bluesman2001 said...

I remember a friends father worked at American Republic in Des Moines on those old mainframes. Needless to say in the early 80s he was out of a job! I can remember visiting down there once, and it was a huge floor filled with those monsters, and they couldn't even play a decent game of pong:-)

sexi lexi said...

are you hiring?

Typhon said...

I'm extremely thankful that your electronic computers and whirring away constantly, maintaining the relevance of this world. A world I can now sleep in and feel safe.