Saturday, January 23, 2010

Banzai Charge

Our final salvo in the cyber-gallery battle with ANS. To the victor shall go the spoils, whatever those might be. It's been a good fight and we may pitch battle again in the future. For our last desperate assault we throw a Tanguy back at the enemy. As well as a Morris Louis, a John Sloan, and a Wayne Thiebaud, whose landscapes seem tastier than his candies and cakes.



Ivan said...

(Death to traitors!)

Toestubber said...

Why can't y'all just get along?

KinoRama said...

Dear Mr. Mannix,
We the corporate board of directors of the American National Standard hereby official desist and cease all hostile actions directed to you and your affiliates. Please accept our sincere regards.

Mr Edwaerd Porter
Managing director