Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ode to Frank

Things were going fine that night,
Then she walked into the room,
I think it's when i took that drink,
Of milk, what sealed my doom.

The curtains danced, our bodies glanced,
The walls began to breathe,

A slow advance, a weird romance,
Too see, but not believe.

But other eyes were in that place,
I swear I saw them there,
Three other guys, a blurry face,
Believe me if you dare.

So, I ran into the shattered street,
In fractured beads of light,

Up was down and left was right,
So far out -- out of sight.

I waded, godlike, onto shore,
The cloth of time unfurled,
But that's what happens, trippin' on ACID,

(35mm Slitscan photographs from the classic 1966 film)