Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personal Message from Sebastian Junger


Erich Kuersten said...

Otto Mannix, stand up and be counted. Sebastian Junger? never heard of him.

Otto Mannix said...

Thanks E.K. You're right, Otto has been lying down on the job for too long.

Actually, i've met Junger a couple times, but he wouldn't remember. I just read Perfect Storm for the first time, and i liked it a lot.

We at OMR would like to hate him, but we must admit that he ain't bad. "Restrepo" is worth seeing.

Ivan said...

So check this out--after reading the history of the AK-47, I wanted something in a similar vein, and picked up "My Friend the Mercenary" by James Brabazon (lots of AKs in this book), about the author's friendship with a vet of Executive Outcomes. During the course of one campaign among the bloodshed in Western Africa, Brabazon befriends and travels with Tim Hetherington, the photojournalist just killed in Libya and co-director with Herr Junger of Restrepo.

"My Friend the Mercenary" has several unwittingly unnerving moments because of Hetherington's presence: He worries about too-close gunfire; he's running with the rebels in a free-fire zone; and mortars really freak him out. Otto, it's chilling. (And available at the library, where I got it.)

Oh yeah, then the book goes on about a South Africa reconnaissance mercenary getting stomped for FIVE YEARS in Equatorial Guinea's Black Beach prison. Yow.
Talk soon,


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