Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost New York

Tavern formerly located on Eighth Avenue, near 31st Street.

Store formerly located on Sixth Avenue, near 22nd Street.

Tompkins Square Park, 1989; with the old bandshell, home to many an honorable drunk or junkie.

Store formerly located on 23rd Street, near Park Avenue.

photographs copyright 1989, Rick Rodine.
(terminated from OMR in 1992 for drinking on the job)


Ivan said...

As much of a stewbum that kid Rodine was (was? IS!), he sure knew how to photograph neon--a talent that's as useful as tits on a flea when fighting the international menace of communism.
Yours in Chrust,
Luther Bandross

Toestubber said...

If only Governor Daniel D. Tompkins (1774–1825) was still around to view that beautiful 19-year-old photo of the park that bore his name. Why, I'll bet he would be stirred to set fire to a pile of refuse, smoke a rock, stab a yuppie and take a public shit. Then he'd join a drum circle and chant to free Mumia.