Sunday, April 19, 2009


Perhaps some of you have been enjoying the recent contributions by American National Standard to our rich historical photographic heritage. This non-profit cultural thinktank, operating under radar, was spearheaded by Ed Porter, archivist to America's forgotten landscape. Porter has heretofore been a phantom, pushing buttons and programming our thoughts from the shadowy seclusion of his Dundalk, Maryland warehouse headquarters. Now that some of his research is coming to light, we begin to see how it all began. In a recently unpublished interview by an OMR staffer, held in a secret location, Porter disclosed the name of his mentor and spiritual guide; it is none other than Neal Douglass. We at OMR are pleased to present our picks from the archive of this seminal figure in the art of the mundane. (click photos to enlarge)


KinoRama said...

We here at the standard Salute your efforts and hope this will result in an exchange of obsolete information. Our response here:

clefbor said...

These days you dont see nearly as many convenience stores named after theorems from mathematics. A sign of the times.