Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Due to the current econoclysm, we are reducing our storage space. In this effort, we are posting various items which must be cleared out. They never made the grade for a post of their own, so they must now share cyberspace in one gloriously useless entry.

One of those 'stare-at-it-for-a-long-time-and-close-your-eyes-and-see-the-negative' deals. (click to enlarge, then consume the illusion.)

We assume that this may have been a production still taken for continuity, but it may be from a wax museum. Either way, it sickens a refined sensibility, does it not?

It all seems to be going well, but sometimes a trip can go horribly awry.

Rickles seems to be hitting big on the scene at the moment, so we thought we'd ride that wave a bit.

Miss January 1965, Sally Duberson. We discovered this centerfold and recognized it from a pop-art painting by the great Mel Ramos.


Ivan said...

Clean it up! Clean. It. Up. CLean it up!
Clean that shit up!

Typhon said...

Happy Birthday you big blowhard. I only knew it was your birthday because while stalking your hot little daughter, I saw her buy a Birthday Card in the pharmacy, This was after she dribbled some egg cream juice over her lips, unto her blossoming chest. Yowww. I saw her make the card out to Ottomannix, so here I am.

Otto Mannix said...

You must be mistaken. Although i have fathered over 87 children all over the world, i lay claim to NOT A ONE! Not one knows of my whereabouts, and that makes things easy, for me.

Perhaps you saw ORTHO NAMMIX's daughter, whom i haven't seen since she was a wee lass.