Monday, September 7, 2009


Our research odyssey took us through Wheeling, WV. Nestled along the hills of the Tri-State area of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virgina, Wheeling is quite a site. Impressive bridges span the Ohio River and Nineteenth Century architectural wonders crowd the topography. But what most bedazzles the discerning eye is Kaufman's of Downtown Wheeling.

"One of the Nation's largest Bridal and Formal Superstores," it's an eye-popper! Nausea Blue panels, staggered in goofy relief, distinquish this consumer landmark from the run-of-the-mill.

Due to the situation of Kia Sportages and Chrysler Sebrings, we were unable to get a straight-on shot of the full facade. But such a picture can be seen here.


KinoRama said...

Sheesh, That kinda thing makes me wanna cry. Betcha we go back there and it is all gone!

Ivan said...

The blues, they overwhelm me...Head spinning...hallucinations expected...The blues, the blues!

Otto Mannix said...

how true... this post is a dissonant rhapsody in blue... too much blue.

Toestubber said...

I propose that from now on this hue shall be referred to as "Kaufman Blue."