Thursday, August 27, 2009

Field Trip

The mandatory company field trip was a complete success; the pictures alone are proof enough. We set out to consume a piece of America, but the employees seemed to consume each other in the process. Yes, the usual intrigues were in full flower: in-fighting, back-biting, sexual tension and more. Plastic food wrappers were flying in all directions. Clean toilets were a scarcity.

But this time we were determined to really blow it out. We spared no expense by staying at the Dollar Inn just outside Indianapolis. You could hear the sound as leaves of cash splurged from pockets and across countertops.

Occasionally, the boring beauty of the fields of dreams would be interrupted by a jewel of hideousness such as the GAS AMERICA; a bonanza of possibilities. (Lucky Liquors, situated right next door, opened at 8 AM and closed at midnight, a subject of much jubilation.) More to come.


William Thirteen said...

"Gas America"... for a moment i thought that was an imperative statement!

KinoRama said...

Good work. I expect a full report on my desk first thing monday morning.