Friday, September 14, 2007


designed 1987, Rick Rodine.

Monday, September 10, 2007


An announcement over the loudspeaker to the entire staff of the OTTO MANNIX REPORT is heard at least once a week: "We've got a Situation," whereupon each officer and staff member drops what he or she is doing, scoots his or her chair back, and immediately exits his or her cubicle. We then convene in the Situation Room. The tension in the air can be cut with a plastic knife as the workers jostle about, clumsily fighting for seats closest to Mr. Mannix. Coffee from the Bunn machine is poured into styrofoam cups and passed around to the anxious participants, some of whom add various milk or sugar substitutes.

The lighting in the room is quite unusual, and for a very different reason. The anti-lights mounted in the ceiling cast a necessary darkness over the proceedings, leaving only the intensely hot, bright metal halide lamps mounted under the table to illuminate the Situation. Extreme conditions such as these are what forge the necessary determination of this team of dedicated and self-serious journalists.

Welcome to the OTTO MANNIX REPORT. It is our stated goal to deliver the most relevant, incisive and misingenuous information available on the world-wide web, at least once or twice a month. Thank you for visiting.


Two images of works by Mimmo Rotella, perhaps the most famous out of a handful of artists who worked in the medium called D├ęcollage.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

70 Pine

One of two carved limestone replicas of the American International Building at 70 Pine Street in downtown New York. The sculptures stand guard over the two main entrances of this under-appreciated skyscraper on Pine and Cedar Streets.

- - - -

Immediately after snapping this digital photograph, the Otto Mannix staff photographer was told by a security guard to refrain from taking any further pictures. Click on the photo for an enlarged jpeg.